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High Art

Indianapolis’s Billboard Project

The Arts Council of Indianapolis, in partnership with billboard company Clear Channel Outdoor, organized  in 2015 the third round of the city-wide public art project: “High Art.” The project organizers selected, through a competitive process, ten works of art by Indiana artists, including one of mine, and printed them in a billboard format. They are shown around the city on a rotating basis.


The title of my artwork is Echo in the Night. Starting in mid-September 2015, the ten selected pieces were installed at ten different locations across Indianapolis, remaining up there for four weeks. After that initial period, the images were rotated in and out of various locations as sites opened up in the regular rotation of billboard advertisements. The works rotated for an entire year on billboards throughout Marion County and the seven surrounding counties.

This unusual but potent initiative is an excellent example of the many beneficial and effectual strategies the Arts Council of Indianapolis has been implementing for many years to support the arts in and around the city and to adorn it with public art in multiple locations.

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