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Welcome to All Prospective Owners of Nhat Tran’s Artworks! 

You were enthralled by some fascinating artwork at one of Nhat’s exhibitions and are now dreaming of becoming its proud owner? Here is what you do. 

1. Type your name and email address in the first two boxes below.

2. Subject Line: Indicate your interest in becoming the owner of some particular work

3. In the message box below, indicate which work(s) attracted your fancy, using its corresponding label information, especially the title and its price. Nhat Tran does not currently take credit cards. Payment options include, cash, check, and account to account bank transfers. 

NB: Should several persons indicate their wish to own a same artwork, the request will be handled in the order of timestamped message receipt: first request, first served. All artworks are original and unique (they are impossible to duplicate). 

The price on the label does not include tax and shipping costs. The purchased artworks will become available on the day following the end of the exhibition. One common option is both to execute the payment and pick up the artwork in Nhat Tran’s studio downtown Indianapolis. If the buyer lives in or near Indianapolis, the artist is also willing to deliver the purchased artwork at the owner’s home or workplace.

Be aware that there are MANY MORE wonderful acrylic and urushi paintings (and sculptures) visible in Nhat’s studio. It is well worth your time visiting her in her studio and looking at all the artworks, each one of a kind.

Success! Message received.

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